LAEP Project 2023

Funded by Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP). LAEP is a California state legislature-funded initiative that provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable research experience as paid research assistants. Through the program, students have the chance to work alongside faculty and gain hands-on experience in conducting research. By participating in LAEP, students can gain valuable skills and experience that will prepare them for future careers and educational opportunities.

I am sponsoring the following projects this year:

Brainwave-controlled Affective Applications

The detection of brain activities through electrical signals recorded by sensors attached to the human scalp has emerged as a trending technology with a wide range of applications. These signals can be used to identify patterns in brain activity that relate to cognitive or affective states. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in studying human cognition and affect in order to improve user experience in software systems, especially for software systems in the fields of healthcare, education, and entertainment.

This project aims to: (1) use machine learning to detect affective and cognitive states using the Emotiv EPOC device during diverse scenarios of stimulation; (2) extract features from the collected data to characterize states of mind using the arousal-valence-dominance emotion model; (3) develop software applications that can adapt in real-time based on these values, leading to a more personalized and engaging user experience.