Affective Responses in Conversations with AI Entities

In collaboration with Dr Duha Ali (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department) and Dr Rafael Guerra, (Orfalea College of Business), we seek to compare emotional responses elicited during conversations with AI counterparts to those in interactions with fellow humans. Utilizing a brain-computer interface (Emotiv MN8 headset), which offers high-fidelity emotional data collection, we will capture and analyze various emotional markers such as arousal, valence, and engagement. Emotions are a crucial factor in communication, affecting the quality and effectiveness of interactions. As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing interest in discovering how these entities elicit and respond to human emotions. This project aims to explore the emotional response in human interactions with AI entities, utilizing the advanced capabilities of brain-computer interfaces. The methodology involves designing controlled conversational scenarios in which participants engage with AI-enabled systems and human counterparts. The Emotiv MN8 devices record participants’ emotional responses in real-time, providing rich insights into the dynamics of these interactions. By examining the emotional nuances in human-AI conversations, this project aims to shed light on how individuals perceive and engage with AI entities on an emotional level. The findings hold implications for designing and developing AI systems that aim to foster more emotionally resonant user interactions, ultimately contributing to advancing human-centered AI technologies.


Funded by theSummer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) of the College of Engineering (CENG) at California State University, San Luis Obispo.