blog: OOPSLA | SPLASH 2011

OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications) is an annual ACM conference, mainly taking places in United States and Canada.

OOPSLA is an annual conference covering topics on object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications. OOPSLA’s venue changes every year, and the categories of its program vary. Historically OOPSLA has combined the presentation of academic papers with comparatively practical experience reports, panels, workshops and tutorials.

OOPSLA operates under the auspices of the Special Interest Group for Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) group of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

This year, I get accepted as apprentice in the Doctoral Symposium.

The OOPSLA | SPLASH 2011 Doctoral Symposium provides students with useful guidance for completing their dissertation research and beginning their research careers. The Symposium will provide an interactive forum for doctoral students in one of two phases:

  • Apprentices, who are just beginning their research, are not ready to actually make a research proposal, but are interested in learning about structuring research and getting some research ideas; and,
  • Proposers, who have progressed far enough in their research to have a structured proposal, but will not be defending their dissertation in the next 12 months.

Besides that, I will be participating in the writing workshop at PLoP conference (co-located with SPLASH).

See you in Portland.