blog: Software Architects Are Number 1!

Congratulations practicing software architects everywhere!

In their November issue, CNN Money Magazine rated “Software Architect” as the number 1 job in America. The article said the job offers great pay, satisfying work, and big growth opportunities, forecasting a 34% 10-year growth.

IASA (the only association in the world offering professional certification and skills/capability development in the field of IT Architecture) celebrates the acknowledgment:

“This global recognition marks a great win for us as we move towards professionalization of IT Architecture,” said Paul Preiss, CEO and founder of Iasa. “In the next 5 years, we expect to see Information Architect, Business Architect and Infrastructure Architect rated in the list as well.”

Quality of life ratings

Personal satisfaction – B
Job security – B
Future growth – A
Benefit to society – C
Low stress – C
Flexibility – A

“We truly are in the right place for our time”
~Iasa Global Team