tutorial: (Desert Code Camp 2011.1) iOS Programming 202: Navigation-Based Applications

Desert Code Camp 2011.1
Phoenix, AZ. April 2011
SessionID 271.
00:00 – 00:00, Saturday (April 2) — Chandler-Gilbert Community College


Starting where our “iOS Programming 101” journey left us, we will continue our way to get into the exploration of a new topic, “Navigation-based applications”. Our trip start in winding but short roads reviewing concepts related with Tables, Views and Delegates. Once we pass this zone, we will find smoothly roads that drive us, first to learn how create and add sub-views to a Navigation-based application, and then to learn how to store and retrieve data using arrays and dictionaries with plist. There is a really nice point at the end of the road in which we can learn how to add advertisement into our apps using iAds Framework, but oh well! Lets see if the time and the weather let us get there.

More information at iphone.javiergs.com


These are my slides for the tutorial, any comment is more than welcome.


Cocoa Development


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