Three-dimensional modelling of Tectonic Displacement in Mexico

I served as a chair of Ismael Ledesma-Tello’s Graduate Supervisory Committee. She received the degree of Master of Applied Computing at Universidad de Guadalajara, campus La Cienega.

This thesis was successfully defended on January 2006.


This research project aims to design an information system that allows three-dimensional graphic display by the movement of GPS stations with respect to time to assist the analysis of data from studies of the deformation of the earth’s crust.
This will be possible to estimate the displacement present areas of the crust are represented by each GPS station, and it can be used as a support tool for other similar studies.
It takes as a case study of motion analysis project the Earth’s crust that is currently developed in the Department of Geography at the University of Guadalajara by Dr. Bertha Marquez, analyzing the data that the National Institute Statistics, Geography and Informatics of Mexico collected daily from 1993 to your network of 15 fixed GPS stations located in state capitals across the country to. These data are a collection of files in the Department of Geography at the University of Guadalajara where they are analyzed by researchers.
It is intended that the resulting system exploit existing software programs preferably those that do not involve licensing costs for its implementation be as economical as possible without sacrificing quality.

Thesis Book

This are the first five pages of Ismael’s thesis (in spanish).